Monday, January 9, 2012

January Full Moon

Despite the lack of rain, January 2012 is unfolding with optimism here in Northern California. At the MendoDragon Community, we are nearing the end of our escrow period, mid air in the leap over this hurdle in acquiring the financial control of the purchase of our homestead. The cycling in of the Chinese Year of the Dragon on the New Moon, January 23, is a reassuring synchronicity in timing. Working with lunar rhythms is beginning to unfold naturally for us and it feels right to set an intention to post regularly to this blog on the Full Moons and New Moons.

During this first quarter of the year we are planning for our annual pruning party, a permaculture visioning workshop and a mycoremediation retreat/workshop. On January 22 we invite our local friends to again share their pruning skills as we tame back the rose canes and shape our fruit trees with nurturing gratitude. Lynda's inspiring idea to prune our landscape shrubs into topiary designs has us all a-buzz.

Because there is so much we would like to build in the way of gardens, ponds and structures we are looking for guidance from people versed in permaculture design. By my new moon posting I hope to announce the particulars about who will lead and when the visioning workshop will be held.

The Amazon Mycorenewal Project team will meet for a strategic Planning retreat to determine what their goals are for 2012. At this time we will install the MendoDragon edible mushroom site and offer a workshop in mushroom growing. Look for the date and other details in my next blog.

We are working with many others in our bio-region to work for much needed democratic oversight and change in our government. On the state level we encourage everyone to sign onto petitions for the ballot initiative calling for the mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered foods.

In cities and counties all over the country people are working together to pass resolutions urging a Constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood. The following is a press release about talks being given in Mendocino County by David Cobb, chief organizer of, a nationwide coalition focused on abolishing "Corporate Personhood" and reestablishing a government of, by, and for the people.

“Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule” will be the topic of David Cobb's upcoming speaking tour through five Mendocino County communities. Cobb, an attorney, past Green Party presidential candidate and an inspiring speaker, will explain how corporate cash has captured our politics, and what citizens can do to reestablish real democracy.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling in Citizens United v. FEC opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate spending on elections. The Court's five conservative justices declared that corporations are "persons" and their spending in elections is "free speech" that can not be limited.

“Corporate Personhood" commonly refers to a court-created precedent that gives corporations constitutional rights intended solely for human beings. Cobb states, “Corporate personhood is not an inconsequential legal technicality. The Supreme Court ruled that a corporation was a ‘legal person’ with 14th Amendment protections years before they granted full legal personhood to African-Americans, immigrants, natives, or women.”

“We are inspired by historic social movements that recognized the necessity of altering fundamental power relationships,” said Cobb. “America has progressed when ordinary people joined together-- from the Revolutionaries, Abolitionists, Suffragists, Trade Unionists and Civil Rights activists through today's Occupiers. Move to Amend proudly joins this tradition as it works to make the U.S. Constitution and our nation more democratic.”

David Cobb's five local talks will provide information about the issue and describe how Mendocino County can join this national campaign to end Corporate Personhood and its corruption of our political system. Part history lesson and part heart-felt call to action, David’s presentation is not to be missed.

David Cobb will speak January 31st at the Boonville Fairgrounds at 6:30 PM; February 1st at the Point Arena Library at 6:30 PM; February 2nd at the Willits Grange at 7 PM; February 3rd at the Caspar Community Center at 7 PM, and February 13th at Ukiah's Saturday Afternoon Clubhouse at 7 PM. More information can be obtained from Tom Wodetzki at

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