Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Full Moon at the Equator

Monday I blew out of Mendocino County with helter skelter winds seemingly ushering in rain clouds but I´ve since heard that it was a mere skiff of moisture that actually touched ground. My full moon was actually spent in the air between SF and Dallas enroute to Ecuador. I had hoped to catch a glimpse of luna from my window seat but she did not make herself obvious.

Tuesday between 6 and 7 pm I landed in Quito, welcomed with big smiles by Freeda and Canelo who have been here since December 3. This is my 6th trip here within the last 20 years. I will visit Mindo and see all the new developments that Freeda has built with the help of Canelo´s father Cristian and the CFI volunteers, such as the greenhouse, and mushroom installations, but then go where I have never been before, the northern coast.

As I sat down to write this evening a steady down pour was dumping from the clouds surrounding us. I am once again surrounded by astounding green growth intermingled and vibrating with all the fertility that the rains bring. The only thing lusher than this cloud forest is the rain forest at lower elevations. If just a fraction of all this moisture could be funneled up to Northern California both locations would be better off. It´s calm now. A different kind of cicada is singing while the rivulets trickle along muddy streets seeking the depths where the black water dragon sleeps.

Sounds like a good setting for a dream.....I´ll let you know if one reveals itself.

Next posting from the coast.

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