Monday, April 9, 2012

Flower Moon Pot Luck

At a MendoDragon meeting a couple of months ago we decided to schedule a pot luck dinner on the first Friday of each month. Serendipitously, this months first Friday, April 4, was also the full moon, always a good reason to celebrate. By word of mouth and through email we invite folks to join us for food and music, never knowing who will come. Not only the food, but who appears contributes to the “luck” factor of the mixture.

This was our second potluck and it was populated by many folks we are meeting for the first time. I am reminded about how timeless this practice is of people gathering to break bread. And there was some hearty homemade whole grain bread to break, too, even though we sliced it. Some other delicious offerings were, salad made from garden greens, homemade quiche and macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, guacamole, marble pound cake, lentil soup, homemade brandied cherries dipped in chocolate, sauteed tofu in coconut sauce, home pressed apple juice, and raisin kefir water. Lots of friendly chatter and chewing co-mingled with easy going guitar playing and a little singing.

It was pleasant being with new and old friends from a sister community, Emerald Earth. Soon, Emerald Earth will host a gathering of local intentional communities to compare notes, talk about what works for them, what the challenges are, etc. Anderson Valley is home to at least 6 communities that we know of and I have yet to visit any of them. Something to look forward to.

The Moon was rising as the first couple with young children left at sundown. Luna is up there blessing us and sometimes we hardly take the time to notice. That's how it is with nature, true treasures are ignored and even destroyed as many choose to buy in to the mirage of modern life. In the past, when we had less manufactured distraction, we were more aware of the natural world. This is exemplified by the names given to each full Moon. April's was known as the Seed Moon, Planter’s Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Grass Moon, Flower Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, and Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation (Dakota Sioux). With just a couple of words each name tells a story about what people observed or did at this time of year.

April’s name is believed to be derived from Aprilis from the Latin word aperire meaning to open. This “opening” refers to the budding and flowering of the perennial plants and trees. May all our eyes be open in gratitude to the beauty and blessings of our Mother Earth. Every day is Earth Day.

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