Monday, April 30, 2012

Your Ecovillage Awaits

Our friend Tom Wodetski is very kind and very intelligent.  He recently announced that the commune that he helped found in the 70's is for sale.  Since this blog is about living in community I would like to give you the opportunity to gather your affinity group together to think about coming up with a down payment in order to acquire this very desirable homestead.   Here is what Tom has to say and the description of the land follows:

  Hello. Salmon Creek Farm, the commune I lived on from 1975 to 1990 and am still part owner of, is soon to be placed for sale, now that none of us 13 owners live there any more. I'm asking you if you will send out this description below to all your friends and acquaintances who might be interested or know others who might be. We hope to sell it-- 30 rural acres with 8 legalized cabins on the Mendocino Coast-- to good, community-oriented and neighbor-sensitive people. If you could help us find them, we and they would be very grateful.

Salmon Creek Farm
30 rural acres with 8 rustic cabins in Albion, California, on the Mendocino Coast.
1.8 miles from the Pacific Ocean lies "Salmon Creek Farm." This wooded, south-facing, 30-acre property is located at the end of a quiet country lane in the desirable Middle Ridge Road neighborhood in Albion. The village of Mendocino is only 20 minutes  away.

Just inside the front gates in a sunny meadow is Orchard House, a 580-sq-foot cabin surrounded by a mature, well-maintained fruit tree orchard. This fenced open expanse of meadow is an ideal garden location with nearby outbuildings.

Beyond Orchard House are seven additional rustic, legalized, owner-built Class-K cabins tucked away down footpaths in charming settings. Majestic Redwood trees grace the hillsides and beautiful woodland trails wind throughout. A year-round stream bisects the land, flowing into Big Salmon Creek that forms the southern border of the property.

"Salmon Creek Farm" was lovingly settled by a family-oriented commune in the early 1970s and has remained in their hands as a living community for 40 years. This unique commitment to community continues today on Middle Ridge Road with friendly neighbors, monthly potlucks and a swimming pond within walking distance. This is a magical place to live. 

General Information:
Location: 32297 Middle Ridge Road, Albion, CA 
Approx. acerage: 30.5 acres
Coastal Zone: No
Number of dwellings: 8 Class-K owner-built Cabins
Sewer: 2 cabins with septic systems, 6 cabins with gray water and detached privy
Forest: Redwood & Douglas Fir, approx. 750,000 bd/ft. 
Water: Year round stream provides 1400 gal/day, spring box to tanks to cabins
Fire prevention: 8 dwellings have fire hydrants with 20,000 gal of available water 
Electricity: available to all dwellings and water system
Heat: Approved wood burning stoves and chimney systems in each cabin
Cooking: Portable propane tanks in each dwelling
List Price: $679,000 with 30-40%  down
Price per acre: ~$22,600

Photos are available upon request. For more information contact:
David Coddington 
Big River Realty
707 937-3233

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